The Shawahnekizhek Academy's vision is that, since God created all of nature and universe it reveals the mysteries of HIS great power and love.  We see the awesomeness of all things both material and spiritual as the universal environment of all life.  Therefore, such vision beholds and obligates us to develop an appreciation, understanding, and reverence for all of God's creation and the special place of humanity in that creation in each and all our students.


It is our mission to provide a learning environment that is both awe inspiring and respectful of all God's creation.  That surrounds and enhances the spiritual life of a student, through which learning is a search of knowledge and wisdom seeking to understand the mysterious and awesomeness of God; thus filling our students with the desire and strength to master the knowledge necessary to engage in a life-time of work dedicated to the unfolding of the understanding and mastery of creation,  in order to benefit of not only themselves, but of their brothers and sisters and all mankind.


It is the purpose of the Shawahnekizhek Academy to:

-  provide a learning environment where knowledge, skills and spiritual assets can be acquired and shared, the results of which will be the development of wisdom and values in a life time search and service to sustainment and reverence of life and the maximization of its continual existence;

-  provide goals of academic excellence, the standard of which can be attained by each student to the maximum of his/her committed effort and dedication through acquired knowledge and skills with both the dedication and skills of a trained and committed staff and administration and the support of both family and community;

-  instill a reverence for life and creation by the continued commitment to make learning a life time obligation and experience whereby each student becomes an adult with the awareness of clear responsibilities not only to him/herself but to the family and community of which each one is an encircling part;

-  to teach and promote values of love sharing through mutual respect for all people regardless of race, creed, color and/or circumstances recognizing that all of life is God's creation and therefore deserving of reverence and respect.